Off the Beaten Path

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Our screening for September celebrates getting off the beaten path.  For many of us from the first moment we enjoy the freedom that comes with riding a bike another thought occurs – where can I explore ? where will this bike take me ?  As riders have ventured further bikes have evolved to carry them on their journeys.

“Off the Beaten Path” is an adventure cycling film celebrating the journeys we can take on bikes; and specifically focusing on how fatter tire bikes are allowing riders to venture to places cyclists have never been able to ride before. From desert dunes in Nevada to ice tunnels under Icelandic glaciers, “Off the Beaten Path” showcases that we’re not limited to pavement or traditional dirt trails when it comes to cycling adventures.

The fat bike has opened up new places to ride and changed the perceptions, and perspectives, of trials riders, snowboarders and even those just looking for the next big adventure. It seems that as riders, and as people, we’ll never stop exploring the possibilities on two wheels.

Leeds Bicycle Film Club is showing this film as part of Scalarama Leeds (1-30 September 2018) which is a celebration of cinema, for everyone, by everyone, everywhere each year across September.  A month of cinema in which cinemas across the country join together to celebrate watching films together and where cinemas pop up in unexpected places and where classic, rare or locally made films get an annual showing.  For a full rundown of events and screenings showing in Leeds check out the website

Date: Monday 17 September at 7pm

Venue: The Reliance, 76-78 North Street, Leeds, LS2 7PN

Cost £5 in advance (tickets can be bought via the Eventbrite link and ticket price includes Eventbrite fee).