Films and bikes have things in common for me; escapism, adventure, exploration, freedom of expression, fun and laughter for starters.  I love riding bikes and watching films so got to thinking what better than to combine the two and create a Bicycle Film Club?  The aim will be to show films, documentaries and shorts that are themed around the bike.  Some might have a loose connection, others the two wheels will be the star, but all should make for a good evening out.

I’m teaming up with the fantastic people of The Reliance in Leeds so the films will be shown in The Little Reliance Cinema (with room for 25 people).  For me this is perfect as I’d love the evenings to be a real social night out where people can not only enjoy a good film but also excellent food, wine, beer etc to go along with the film.

In order to show films publicly you need to have a license which you pay for and this is what the ticket price will cover.  Other than that the film club will run as a not for profit venture, just good people, good films, good times.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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    • excellent thanks, hopefully it will become a good social thing if I can get it going. Gor some really good ideas for films and docs


      • Hi Mark, yes the aim is to show something each month. Our next event is 23 November and there are 3 tickets left at the time of posting. We will then take a break in December, primarily as the venue is too busy during the Christmas period but we’ll then start back up in January, date to be agreed.


  1. Only heard about the film club today. What a brilliant idea – all best wishes. I am frustrated that I missed Sunday in Hell – please screen it again some time.


      • Ian – I have been inspired by what you are doing in Leeds to set up a ‘Bournemouth Bicycle Film Club’ – far enough away not to be a competitor! We have a great Velo Cafe for the venue with the required equipment and initial funding from a local Cycling Club. I already have a number of DVDs that I intend to show: Sunday In Hell, Stars and Watercarriers, Breaking Away, etc.I appear to have similar tastes to you. The venue also has a similar capacity to your venue 25-30.
        I am investigating the legal side of putting on public screenings of films, like you we do not want to make a profit and may even be happy to run at a small loss long term. Licensing – ‘Non-commercial screenings’ appears to offer the lowest cost route but restrictions on advertising, having members signed up in advance looks restrictive and limiting. Have you any advice to offer. I will supply my email, if you would prefer to deal over the phone please email back with your number and when convenient and I will phone back.

        Very best regards



      • Hi John

        Great that I’ve helped you to do something similar down in Bournemouth. I’m on a train at the moment but I’ll drop you an email in the next day and help in any way I can




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